Wordpress no more

This blog was running on wordpress until an update to my server broke it. I was running the ubuntu server version of wordpress and something went wrong and caused the WSOD (White Screen of Death). I finally managed to solve the problem after hours of searching. Then I thought about ...

معنى أبجد هوز

Greek Alphabet

تسآلت قبل بضعة أيام عن معنى "أبجد هوز حطي كلمن سعفص قرشت ثخذ ضظغ" فوجدت عدة تفسيرات لكن كلها تبدو ركيكة. فبعضهم يقول أن معناها هو "أبجد بمعنى أخذ، هوّز بمعنى ركب، حطّي بمعنى وقف، كلمن بمعنى أصبح متعلماً، سعفص بمعنى أسرعف ي التعلم، قرشت بمعنى أخذه بالقلب ...

Android Storage space running out!

I have my galaxy SII with Cyanogenmod 10.1 and I got this message "Storage space running out some system functions may not work". I tried to uninstall some applications but that didn’t do the trick. I only had like 100MB of free space. Then I found that there ...

Arabic in Vim

If you want to write Arabic in vim, there’s a small option that sets the direction of the page to right-to-left and lets you write Arabic with no problems :D

The option is:

:set arabic

And to turn it off, type:

:set noarabic

Here’s a small screenshot of ...

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