Computer Science?

What is computer science? is it a scientific discipline? or an engineering discipline? or is it a form of Art? I tried to answer these questions with a small presentation that I gave in the university and I thought should share the slides of that presentation. So, grab it from ...

Docker NuPIC

Docker and NuPIC

UPDATE Right now nupic is available at PyPi and can be simply installed by:

pip install nupic

I just set up a docker image that will provide an easy development environment for the NuPIC project. The image comes with the following:

  • NuPIC
  • NuPIC Studio
  • iPython notebook
  • Matplotlib
  • MySQL server

The ...

Dualtidy, a lightweight dual battery indicator

Dualtidy, a lightweight GTK battery indicator for dual battery systems

I’m running openbox right now on my arch installation on my Thinkpad X240 and I wanted a lightweight GTK battery indicator that sits in the systray. I found a small little application called "tidybattery" here tidybattery but it didn’t work well with my dual battery system. So I ...

Wacom Intuos Pro and Linux

Intuos Pro

wacom intuos pro

So a new year and I got my self a little gift, a Wacom Intuos pro. I’m upgrading from an Intuos 3 so my opinions could be a little out of date.

Here is a couple of pictures of the pen and the pen holder.

wacom intuos pro pen and pen holder wacom intuos pro pen

The cool ...

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